Comics/Art Writing Code/Hardware Otaku Wars!

Discontinuous Continuity
While I attempted several OW! OAVs, this was the only one that was ever completed, and was with the extensive help of Kobanal as we spent many hours passing the keyboard between us whenever one hit a case of writers block or wanted to get a cola.
Otaku Wars! Animayhem Cards
Home of the second generation of Otaku Wars! "Animayhem" cards. Obviously they are not actual cards.
The Minpirian Homepage
For many of the years I was a part of the Otaku Wars! that took place on, my character was the leader of the Minpire. As such, the duty of creating a website for the faction fell to me.
Otaku Wars! RPG
There were several attempts to create an OW! RPG in the past, one such attempt was this one. Originally planned to be created with RPG Maker 2000, it never saw the light of day - although some interesting things were started for it. :)
The Writer's Guide to the Otaku Wars!
The Writer's Guide site, no matter who ran it, was a central point of OW! on the web as it would contain the most important information to help authors write other people's character properly! This was the last official WG site.
Otaku Wars! Sprite Fighters 2000
Unlike the OW! RPG, Sprite Fighters 2000 is technically still in development. I'd recommend finding something else to do while waiting for a beta to be released however. ^_^;
Tuxedo Dionysus & Friends
Essentially this is just a character page for my primary characters in the Otaku Wars! - Namely Tuxedo Dionysus, and NC-Janitor. Ideally I hope to get all the OW! posts I've ever made in continuity (And some NC posts) put in here as well as collect all the TD/NC-Janitor fanart others have drawn.