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Events 2003

The page is now closed as Mord leaves the Wars! If the mighty Minpire ever does rise (for the second time) the authors of those minakochanians have permission to download and use any info/graphics used on this website. Mord simply doesn't care. :)

Brutus' OW! Fanart page!
Unfortunately Brutus' website has long since expired.

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Officially Closed: August 3rd, 2003

*** Brutus sez: We are Minakochanians and we will destroy ALL who stand in our way. In the name of Minako, and for the glory of the Minpire, we will DEFEND what is rightfully ours! Otaku World!" *nefarious laughter*

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Almost all of the pictures on this site has been liberated from other OW! sites, or from the internet in general.

Images in the Rollcall.gif file were done by:
T-chan, Anna Dammit, Timo Frost.
Rotating Venus Symbol was done by:
The Very Talented Korb.
Faction Page "Portraits" were done by:
Anna Dammit, Astrodonna, Nathan, T-chan, and Timo Frost.

Timo Frost is indeed the speaker in the Brutus wav. :)
If I got the credits wrong, let me know and I'll amend them asap. They are fairly out of date. :/