Otaku Wars! Sprite Fighters 2000 is a fighting game that will eventually have a playable demo. :P It is based on the Otaku Wars!, a multi-author story that appeared on the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon long between 1997 through to 2003. The project is currently dormant beyond the website updates as it has been for the last couple of years, mostly due to the lack of a computer suitable for programming. :P Hopefully this will turn around later this year and we'll get actual work done on it beyond the design stage!

A (Virtually) Complete Listing of Otaku

Characters appearing to the side are of those whose authors have submitted input/suggestions for their characters, or where I got bored and started writing up some potential moves/input for the characters. ^_^ The point is that it doesn't necessarily mean they're next to be worked on in any way shape or form! It does mean these have an advantage over those who don't have information written up however! ;)

Faction/Group Defender Descriptions
Chaosians Endymionsamaians Minpire
OSDF Reichanians Shogunate

Please bear in mind that the terms used in the defender descriptions can be outdated as some of them were written back in 2000-2001! I'll update them later as time permits, or if we actually get far enough in this project that calls for adding a defender! ^_^

Additionally, below are two versions of the original Sprite Fighters games written by Johnathan. It's what spurred this project long ago. The game was written in pascal.

Otaku Wars! Sprite Fighters (MS-DOS)
OW!SF v0.43 OW!SF v0.50

Each of the versions are substantially different from one another. Version 0.43 includes Belial, Nic-chan, Johanathan, and Bramlett. Version 0.50 had massive work done on the sprites, but Bramlett's sprites weren't finished at the time so he was omitted.