The Otaku Wars! RPG

el Pegaso

This website is more of a Status Checking thing for those who want to see where we are in the development. The download will never actually be available via the web, but odds are you'll be able to get it on IRC whenever it's finished. When it actually gets close to being done, I'll give more details on what IRC network. We could switch servers a dozen times between now and then til we find one we like. ;) I'll list contributors later when I get a list done up. 'Staff' is mostly used for those who contribute a lot rather than just a few little things here and there, besides Kobanal and myself who are actually doing the story and scripting. :)

With our quitting the Wars!, this project is now gone as well. It may be finished, it may not. It is no longer a priority for us. We apologize to all the people who helped with creating/ripping chipsets, gathering midis, and creating charsets of various otaku to be used in the game. If any of those people wish to continue it, they can try to contact Mord to see if they can get a zip of what was done... no promises that the material still exists however, it would all depend on the cd archive. :)

Planned Release Date: Probably Never.
Last Official Updated: August 3rd, 2003

Characters In The Works
Kobanal Dark Glen Shawna-Chan X DemonStalker Chaos
el Pegaso Kali Esmerodian
Insanity Mister K Frank
ChaosSapphire Seedling Kane Magus Ryu Ryu dela
Eros & Anteros SD-KM Kobanal
Evil Form