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Protoman and background ripped from an old Bob And George comic. Go there and enjoy!  Senshi Gemini sprite drawn by Aureal.

A Writer's Guide to the Otaku Wars!

Last updated on Monday, March 14, 2009

Long live Farix's Recycled HTML!

What's New?
Moved site to the new host. Bye bye Angelfire! :P

OW! has long since ended, so this site will slowly be converted into a writer's guide archive for every character I find WGs to! Characters will be placed with whatever faction they were last known to be with.

Looks like we're still on occationally. I'll still be converting the place into a WG archive, but for now we have the following updates!

Updated Portrait for Sailor Terra.
Updated WG for Tuxedo Dionysus, Sailor Terra, Cape-Mike, and Pocky Knight.
New WG for Masterweaver.

-- Mord

What are the Otaku Wars? you might be asking yourself. The Otaku Wars are a series of posts currently running on and the Otaku Wars! Mailing List.

The Otaku Wars! has been described in many ways over the years. It is sort of a on-going (never ending), role-playing, dramatic, comedic, fanfic type thing. Clear as mud? Excellent.

What we do here is fight, argue, and make fun of — sometimes dramatically, sometimes funnily, and almost always illogically — over which of the senshi in the anime Sailor Moon is truly superior.

From the above guiding principle above, memorable threads have emerged time and time again. (Please keep the fighting/making fun of/etc in good taste, however. There are real people behind those characters you're writing with, and nobody likes one-way fights that are against them.)

What this Otaku Wars Website tries to do is to create a collection of writer's guides that authors will, hopefully, find useful. What is a writer's guide you ask? A writer's guide is basically a tool that allows other authors to understand what a character is like, what he/she/it looks like, acts like, who his/her/it's friends and enemies are, and all kinds of other stuff. See the sample guide in the menu on the side of the page for clarification.

If you'd like to submit or update a writer's guide, please use this template and post it to the Otaku Wars! Mailing List, and CC it to the newsgroup.

Within two weeks it should added to this site with the next update. If it is not, feel free to contact me. Sometimes, I lose posts on the Mailing List, and your submission may have been one of them. This will alert me to the missing WG and I'll be able to pull it off of the main archive ASAP.