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Maze Realms

Atari 2600

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Originally started with the intention of being Action RPG, this code base was deemed unfit for the intended game and abandoned. However, while it wasn't suited for everything I want to do in Action RPG, it did have most of the code in place to make a massive maze style game while keeping a few elements of kingdoms and dungeons etc. And so, "Maze Realms" was born.

With version 0.021 (2010-01-01) I've added a few test "monsters", modified the Heart Placer routine to generate different types of hearts. The hearts are all considered the same object however! I've also added a "data" byte to the object slots which will be a misc use byte for the object's AI. In the case of the hearts, the Heart's color is stored in it and the Heart Placer uses that Data value to load how much power you regain by touching it. I'll be adding the Inactive Object system with the next version and set it up so that the objects are loaded from room data properly. Right now they're hardwired in unnecessarily or loaded by the Heart Placer. The only object loading from room data right now is the castle gates. I'll probably take another sweep through the code to clean things up just before starting in on the Inactives.

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