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Action RPG

Atari 2600

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This is a project that originally spawned from my atari 2600 shell program. It is a Work In Progress, with updates being made to my Atari Age Blog and Live Journal whenever I release a new "version". Essentially I'm slowly building up a game from nothing, adding things slowly one at a time. Obviously as the game development progresses I'll probably stop posting the source code, but the roms will always be available. :)

In 2009 I scrapped the code base and started over. The old code is going to be used for a different project that is less ambitious than Action RPG, namely Maze Realms. All the sources that were made available as "Action RPG" have been renamed and moved to Maze Realms project page. :)

The current code for the new Action RPG doesn't really do anything beyond have a functional Life meter and Boss HP bar. As such, I haven't made any code available yet. Give it time! (The code available for Maze Realms is probably more useful anyway!)

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